A Partial List of Alokli Performances

Several of these listings represent annual events; multiple entries have been removed.

Event & Location Description
African-American Appreciation Week Bacich School
Afro-Iguana Festival, Bolinas Joint concert w/ Jazz Iguanas
Alokli Dance, Harbin Hot Springs Public resort
Alokli Dance, Lagunitas Benefit, Lagunitas Schools
Alokli Dance, Lagunitas Benefit, Valley Preschool
Alokli Dance, Point Reyes Benefit, Dance Palace
Alokli Dance, San Anselmo Benefit, Daycaring Preschool
Alokli Dance, Woodacre Benefit, Community Alliance
Alokli Open House, Fairfax Repertoire concert
Concert & Dance, Woodacre Benefit, WIC Childcare
Day in the Park, Mill Valley Parade and public fair
Dominican College, San Rafael Afternoon concert
Drum & Dance Festival, Sebastopol Ethnic music & dance festival
Fairfax Festival, Fairfax Public fair
Farmers Market, Fairfax Public market
Farmers Market, San Rafael Public market
Field of Dreams, Lagunitas Public park dedication
GAIA Earth Day, Mill Valley Public fair
GAIA New Years Eve, Mill Valley Benefit, Marin homeless
Jenner Festival of the Arts, Jenner Public fair
MARC Picnic, Corte Madera Benefit, Marin Assoc for Retarded Citizens
Marin County Fair, San Rafael Public fair
Marin Earth Day, San Rafael Public fair
Marin Shakespeare Co, San Rafael Benefit Auction & Concert
Novato Childrens Fair, Novato Public fair
OctoberFest, Brookside Schools Public fair, school benefit
Pickleweed Flea Mkt, San Rafael Public market
Spotlight Revue, Woodacre Benefit, Community Alliance
World of Music, Marin Civic Center Benefit Concert w/ Marin Symphony