Songs of West Africa - What's On the CD

The songs are presented on CD in the same order as in the book, so you can use the table of contents as a reference for song order. Due to space limitations, a few of the vocal-only calls have not been recorded.

Each track contains the songs for one chapter or for a related group of songs in a chapter. These are unadorned performances, designed to let you hear song nuances clearly. In particular, the lead or master drum has been omitted to allow the songs to be heard. Some supporting drums have been added to give you a sense of how each song fits into the end result.

Listen carefully for the 3-4-1 woodblock (it's very quiet because it's not a traditional part) to understand the correct orientation of each song relative to the bell and other instruments.

Track Contents

01: Adzohu Kadodo
02: Adzohu Ago
03: Adzohu Atsia
04: Afa Anago
05: Afa Dzisa
06: Agbadza Poka
07: Agbadza Ageshe
08: Agbekor Vulolo
09: Agbekor Hatsiatsia
10: Agbekor Vutsotsoe
11: Atsia Hatsiatsia & Vutsotsoe
12: NanDom Bawa
13: Gadzo
14: Gahu Hatsiatsia
15: Gahu Hatsiatsia & Vutsotsoe
16: Kinka
17: Takada Hatsiatsia
18: Takada Vutsotsoe
19: Yeve Agovu
20: Yeve Sogba
21: Yeve Sovu
22: Yeve Adavu
23: Yeve Afovu
24: Yeve Husago

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