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Here's some sound bytes from past Alokli performances. These clips demonstrate a wide range of styles, from relaxed social dancing to aggressive war dances and intense ritual music. Each is a small sample of music that in Africa may go on for hours or days depending on the occasion, always accompanied by dancing and singing. Check out our Dances Page for more about these musical styles. These recordings are live and usually outdoors so the sound quality is sketchy, but we hope you enjoy listening.

All clips are MP3 audio files, so you'll need an MP3 player on your computer. You may already have one - try a clip and see. Each clip has 2 versions, high-quality stereo and lower-quality mono. Please download copies if you'd like to listen several times - that'll save us some bandwidth charges. Thanks!

Kinka Mono (444 KB) Stereo (2.6 MB)
Togo Atsia Mono (410 KB) Stereo (2.4 MB)
Toque Mono (353 KB) Stereo (2.1 MB)
NanDom Bawa Mono (286 KB) Stereo (1.7 MB)
Adzohu Kadodo Mono (431 KB) Stereo (2.5 MB)
Adzohu Ago Mono (438 KB) Stereo (2.6 MB)
Yeve Adavu Mono (348 KB) Stereo (2.0 MB)
Yeve Afovu Mono (355 KB) Stereo (2.1 MB)

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