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Here are some pictures that we hope you enjoy. New albums will be added, so check back occasionally.

Recent Shows In & Around Philadelphia

Alokli at San Anselmo Coop Preschool, May 2002. Snaps from a benefit concert for a local starving school (so many schools, so little time)!

Alokli at Octoberfest, 2001

Alokli at Brookside School Octoberfest, 2001. Recent photos of the group at a public fair. This show is typical of most Alokli performances; a fun, outdoor gig we donated to benefit a local school.

Alokli at Octoberfest, 2001

Alokli Family Album. Nostalgic pictures from classes and performances, some captured from video tape. A trip down memory lane, these photos date back as far as 1984.

Alokli Photo Album

Scenes from Ghana. Our friend Rob Lonsdale went to Ghana with C.K. Ladzekpo in the summer of 1999 and took some great photos. Take a peek and let him know what you think. The originals are spectacular (there's a lot more) and he can create poster-size framed portraits if you're interested.

Scenes from Ghana

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