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Updated February 22, 2013 .
For more information, contact Danny.

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In or near Philadelphia, PA? We love to teach, and schools love us! Instructors Dan Gorlin and Peace Elewonu can bring an authentic traditional West African music and/or dance experience, complete with instruments, to your location. Children teens, and adults. Grade school, high school, or college-level material. It's not just about banging on drums; this can be a life-changing adventure for all ages.

Depending on the time and budget available, there are several options. Learn the fundamentals of African rhythm on a variety of native instruments (for children, we recommend ages 3rd grade and up). Talk about African music, dance and culture, and discover why dance-drumming is so important to African society. Host an African dance workshop with live drummers, or bring the full ensemble in for a live dance-drumming performance. Learn native songs in 6 languages. Explore extensive video & audio material. We're available for anything from 1-hour music workshops to all-day events and more.

Want to learn more? Contact us for pricing and scheduling, or just to talk about options. And please be sure to visit our Video and Audio pages.

Temple University Community African Music Classes are Open To Everyone in Philly.

We teach music and singing at Temple University here in Philadelphia, but public dance classes are not offered. Our dancers travel from New York for shows, but we're looking to meet Ewe people here in Philly. If you know anyone with a background in traditional Ewe dances, send them a link!


Sunday classes are suspended for now, sorry :(. We're looking for a new venue, will post here if classes restart.

To get involved in our Philadelphia community, come to class on SUNDAY evenings, 5pm - 8pm, at Temple University's Tuttleman Learning Center, room 107, corner of North 13th Street & West Montgomery. Classes are held throughout the year except on major holiday weekends. All instruments are provided. $10 per class for non-students, but classes are FREE to Temple students and alumni. During the summer we often meet outdoors, so if nobody's at the room you'll find us near the 13th Street entrance.

This is a college-level World Music class. The material is challenging and amazing. You don't need a musical background to get involved, but you do need to approach the music with respect and an open mind. Most students are age 20-35ish, but anyone from teens to really really old people are welcome. Do you always get high to play music? If you do, please stay home because we don't.

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