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Books and recordings on African music can be hard to come by, especially ones that are easy to learn from. We've put together some resources for our own classes over the years - material that you won't find anywhere else - and now we're making these available to others. Here's a list of what's out now and what's coming up.

Songs of West AfricaSongs of West Africa by Dan Gorlin. Compiled from over 25 years of classroom and performance materials, it's much more than a songbook. Find out more..


Traditional Music of West AfricaTraditional Music of West Africa. A 3-CD set featuring studio recordings of several major sacred and secular dance-drumming styles. This product is in progress; please check back soon. Want to be notified when this product is available? Mail us and we'll keep you posted.

Wholesalers, Libraries, Bookstores, and Teachers: discounts are available for bulk and resale orders. Please contact us to place your order or receive more information.

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Songs of West Africa Songbook/CD
Now online!

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